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EPAM & Citi: Transforming the Entire Branch Experience

Case Study
  • Financial Services

With approximately 200 million customer accounts doing business in more than 160 countries, Citi is the leading global bank. As part of its commitment to accelerate digital banking innovation, the company hosted the Citi Mobile Challenge U.S.: A virtual competition that brought together the most talented and creative developers and designers in the world to create cutting-edge, consumer-focused applications for Citi’s Digital Banking Platforms.

When judging was complete, Citi called EPAM’s application “The Most Transformative Branch Experience.” We call it CitiConcierge.

Key Challenges

  • Competing against 3,000+ developers from 319 cities and 62 continents to create a cutting-edge, consumer-focused application for Citi’s Digital Banking Platforms
  • Developing an application that easily integrated with current Citi platforms
  • Showing a degree of innovation, coding and technical quality of the solution, business potential, ease of use and implementation, benefits to users, scalability and ability to rapidly add value to the business

Solution Highlights

EPAM provided innovative, mobile-ready solutions that transformed the customer-bank experience. CitiConcierge serves as the foundation for a series of inter-connected experiences for customers and branch personnel. Utilizing micro-location sensors (iBeacons) and the local branch Wifi network, the CitiConcierge application powers an advanced and personalized banking experience. CitiConcierge comprises a suite of solutions that touch the whole branch experience, including:

  • CitiConcierge: This customer-facing smartphone application provides account access and special in-branch only functionality, resulting in a totally personalized experience.
  • BankerConcierge: An iPad application built for Personal Banking representatives that provides real-time snapshots of accounts, customer details, and more — the instant the customer walks through the door.
  • TellerConcierge: This touch-optimized application powers a quick interface that gives tellers transaction details and just-in-time information about account holders standing at their window.
  • ManagerConcierge: The Manager application offers views of all explicit and implicit data harvested from Concierge eco-system, such as transaction times, real-time user feedback, wait times, branch efficiency, and more.

The Results

EPAM’s CitiConcierge application is innovative, customized, and transformative of the whole banking experience. In fact, Citi was so impressed with the mobile platform, the company is working to integrate the solution into their Smart Branch.

Technologies Used

Gimbal beacons to develop native iOS prototypes for in-branch experiences

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