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Increasing Patient Engagement Through a Mobile App

Case Study
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare

After working together for 13 years, Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) engaged EPAM to develop an application for teenage and young adult cancer patients as part of their new Teen and Young Adult Program (TYA@MSK). The goal was to create a virtual community for patients to safely ask questions, connect with peers and find resources. Within eight months, EPAM delivered a user-friendly and engaging mobile app that ultimately improves the patient experience and promotes independence and well-being in the MSK community.

Key Challenges

Cancer diagnosis and treatment is often very isolating, and young adult patients especially benefit from the support of their peers who are going through similar experiences. With hundreds of teenagers and young adults undergoing treatment, MSK asked EPAM to develop a mobile application for TYA@MSK to help address this issue.

solution highlights

EPAM worked closely with MSK in an agile approach that featured two-week sprints and provided a demo of interim results after each sprint. The final application combines a modern social experience with MSK-driven forums and educational materials, and includes the following features:

  • News feed for information and updates
  • Search functionality to find other patients based on location, cancer type, interests or other demographics
  • Ability for patients to network, engage, ask questions, share photos or send private messages to other patients
  • List of events, including programming and social meetups at The Lounge
  • Unique and secure passcode automatically generated for each patient
  • Back-end platform for the MSK care team to provide materials, moderate discussions, answer questions and post events
  • Integration with other MSK websites and apps to pull in relevant cancer care information
  • Monitoring functionality for MSK to safeguard against shared medical information or suspicious account activity

The results

After eight months, EPAM delivered the Lounge application and it went live on the App Store in April 2017. In keeping with MSK’s goals, the Lounge app provides a virtual community for teenage and young adult cancer patients to meet and support others going through similar experiences, ask questions and connect in a secure space. The app, along with the other services provided by TYA@MSK, significantly improves the patient experience and promotes independence and well-being in the MSK community.

Technologies used

  • Cordova
  • Gulp
  • Jasmine
  • Karma
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • .Net

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