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How EPAM & Genosity Delivered a Comprehensive Solution to Support End-to-End Lab Processes

Since 2017, EPAM and Genosity have worked together on various projects

When Genosity wanted to build a comprehensive solution that would help labs more easily navigate the complicated landscape of molecular informatics, the company turned to its longstanding partner EPAM. Alongside Genosity, EPAM developed and deployed a novel Integrated Genomics Toolkit (IGT), a comprehensive software solution that enables both research and clinical genomic laboratories to generate and leverage next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.

Key Challenges

Since there are currently only isolated solutions in the market, labs have had to construct their own solution from disparate building blocks that often don’t fit well together. In the genomics field, with its highly specific data tasks, a comprehensive tool becomes an invaluable aid.

Recognizing the need for a truly all-inclusive solution for genomics research, Genosity enlisted EPAM to help develop and deploy its novel IGT solution.

Solution Highlights

The IGT system is specifically built around best practices for NGS analysis with additional professional services offered by Genosity, enabling labs to quickly set up their own NGS workflow without having expertise in informatics or purchasing and integrating multiple expensive solutions that would cost millions of dollars in implementation and integration costs.

The Results

In the fall of 2019, EPAM and Genosity launched the IGT system, enabling labs to leverage genomic data for the benefit of the whole field. By successfully reducing the obstacles in both cost and access that make it difficult for many labs and health systems to leverage NGS, this solution allows global teams to harness the full power of genomics data.

Technologies used

  • Kubernetes 
  • AWS
  • Amazon Cognito
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Flyway
  • HikariCP
  • jOOQ
  • Junit
  • Mockito
  • Python
  • React UI
  • MobX
  • Webpack
  • Flow
  • Babel
  • PostgreSQL
  • Blazegraph DB
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At Genosity, we had a vision to develop a comprehensive platform to unlock broader adoption of genetic testing. Successfully developing such a solution required bringing together a cross-disciplinary team that leveraged Genosity’s clinical experience with EPAM’s software development capabilities. The combination of this extensive domain expertise has enabled the development of a platform that is already impacting patient management across the healthcare continuum.

Bob Daber
PhD, DABMG, President and CTO, Genosity


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