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EPAM & Otkritie FC Bank: Enabling Better Productivity and Customer Service through Digital Adoption

Case Study
  • Business Information Services

Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank, one of the leading banks in Russia, was looking to develop and implement a solution that would allow for faster adoption of their banking software. In just two months, EPAM’s team delivered a solution that helped train newly acquired employees on the banking software, enabling them to better serve Otkritie Bank’s clients. Developed by EPAM, the 37 software simulators not only improved the onboarding process by reducing user adoption time by allowing new employees to learn the banking software quickly, but also helped existing employees learn new skills in a simulated environment.

Key Challenges

Otkritie Bank wanted to increase the speed of operations for employees working with banking software and reduce the number of employee mistakes that could cause serious negative consequences, including financial and reputational risks.

By implementing a digital adoption solution, Otkritie Bank needed to ensure they solve not only for the immediate need of fast adoption, but for the enablement of continuous upskilling and productivity improvement for existing employees. Additionally, the solution aimed to speed up the onboarding process for new hires.

Solution Highlights

Otkritie Bank partnered with EPAM to digitalize their training process and enable the development of new skills in a sandbox-like environment without disruption to the existing banking systems and workflows.

  • EPAM’s team created a unified, scalable solution with hints and prompts to help bank employees learn how to complete documentation and practice workflows.
  • For fast and cost-effective delivery, EPAM first created a template for the simulator and then leveraged that template for the production of 37 software simulators.
  • A virtual guide leads the user through the workflow, and the user is trained on the primary skills needed for work within the simulator. The simulator prompts the user throughout the process, so if an employee fills out the fields incorrectly, the virtual guide will tell them what has to be fixed.
  • Employee knowledge is evaluated by the number of mistakes during the simulation and the time it takes for an employee to complete the operation.

The Results

  • 16,773 employees were trained since the project launch
  • 37 software simulators were developed for more than 40 of the most popular banking operations
  • 787 offices in 241 cities adopted the training between 2018 and 2020
  • Quick access to the simulators was enabled from any location, on any device
  • The average course feedback score was 4.8 out of 5 

Types of Interactive Course Elements

  • Practice-oriented software simulators
  • Time-restricted assessments
  • Pop-up windows 
  • Character-prompted learning processes
  • Quizzes
  • Exercises


We needed to retrain 2,500 employees of various business units. It was a huge challenge for us, but we succeeded thanks to the solution that we developed with EPAM.

Vitaly Fufaev

Head of Department of Distant Learning Technologies Development, 2013-2020

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