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Energy & Utilities

From advanced analytics and big data to software development and IoT, we help the world's leading Energy and Utilities companies successfully navigate digital transformation.

EPAM's Energy and Utilities industry expertise enables our customers to stay ahead of industry trends, and drive capital and operational efficiency to preserve margins and maintain the reinvestment rates necessary to remain competitive. We partner with leading global companies in these verticals to provide solutions in advanced analytics and data sciences, big data and BI, software and product development, and digital innovation and IoT.

From drilling to refining to distribution, EPAM provides a holistic approach that produces insights to optimize business processes and deliver data visualization capabilities to end users internally and externally. Using an agile approach, we utilize our product engineering heritage and product development expertise to encourage innovation and solve the most complex challenges for our Energy and Utilities customers.

  • Energy Companies
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Utilities Companies
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences
  • Big Data & Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Digital Platform Engineering
  • Innovation as a Service
  • Internet of Things / Embedded Systems Integration
  • Commercial-grade Agile Software Engineering
  • Application & Cloud Management

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We Serve 2 out of the Top 5 Major Oil & Gas Companies, 2 of the Top Oilfield Services Companies, and 4 of the Largest National Oil Companies


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