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We partner with leading insurance providers to integrate advanced technologies, enable innovation and streamline existing processes.

EPAM’s Insurance Practice focuses on solving insurers’ most complex challenges, and we regularly succeed. We help insurers win the market, disrupt the industry from within and achieve digital transformation through our many services and solutions. From augmenting your IT roadmap to fostering innovation that helps you keep pace with industry trends, the EPAM Insurance Practice is here to help your business ascend to new heights.

To get started, we suggest a roadmap assessment as an economical and swift way to evaluate your current state vs. your desired path. Based on the results, we can assist you in aligning your internal needs with the current and future trends in the industry through our expertise in the following areas:

  • Big data-enabled, automated risk assessment and policy optimization to increase profitability through quantitative means
  • Powerful business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions for providing closed-loop visibility and actionable insights
  • On-demand, self-service digital experiences that satisfy the expectations of millennials, who are the future of the insurance customer base
  • Legacy system modernization via cutting-edge technological transformation
  • Robust quality management and test automation services to ensure the quality and performance your customers expect without sacrificing time-to-market
  • Property & Casualty
  • Personal Auto & Homeowners
  • Commercial Auto, Property & Liability
  • Life & Health
  • Mortgage
  • Re-Insurance
  • Specialty
  • Digital Transformation
    • Research & Consulting
    • UX & Visual Design
    • Digital Marketing
    • Content Strategy & Personalization
    • Omnichannel Digital Strategy
    • Document Automation
    • Chatbots

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics
    • Risk Assessment
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Visualization & Dashboards
    • Cloud Enablement

  • Advanced Technology & Core Engineering
    • Solution Architecture
    • Legacy Modernization & Migration
    • Digital Platform Engineering Services
    • CRM Development & Optimization
    • Product Development Services
    • QA & Test Automation
    • Cybersecurity Testing
    • Internet of Things (IoT, Telematics, Wearables, BIoT)
    • Agile & DevOps

Explore our enterprise software products, open source solutions and accelerators featured on EPAM SolutionsHub.

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