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EPAM is a member of TM Forum, the global industry association that works to transform business agility for global telecoms through expert-led collaboration and co-innovation. Through our active membership in the forum, we help our customers drive their digital transformation and modernization journeys through an API-first approach and open API standards.


Cloud Native IT & Agility
Ai, Data & Analytics
Autonomous Networks & the Edge
Beyond Connectivity
Digital Experience & Trust
Human Factor


We are certified and trained to work with the latest TM Forum standards.



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As a strong believer in open source with 140,000 commits in the public domain, EPAM is a signatory of Open API Manifesto. We are committed to using and endorsing TM Forum’s Open APIs to generate more value for our clients using open API standards.

5G Networking Slicing

5G is enabling billions of devices to connect through one common network. Discover how EPAM can help you monetize 5G by building and optimizing network slicing solutions tailored to your specific business need.

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