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Building a Unified, Customer-Centric Shopping Experience for Lowe’s Canada

As one of Canada’s largest home improvement retailers, Lowe’s Canada has put its customers at the heart of its business since it opened its first store in 2007

And as consumer expectations began to evolve, Lowe’s Canada recognized the need to transform its eCommerce website. Leveraging EPAM’s Sitecore and Microsoft expertise, Lowe’s Canada launched the largest cloud based Sitecore Commerce and Microsoft D365 implementation of this scale in the world. 

Key Challenges

The new Lowe’s Canada website needed to be modernized while maintaining features from the existing site. However, under the new technology stack, some of the existing features of the Lowe’s Canada website operated differently or were no longer supported. To ensure a seamless transition for customers, EPAM needed to implement the following high-priority features and requirements that would:
  • Enhance the mobile-friendly experience
  • Support web-exclusive promotions and sales, and online pricing reflecting local in-store prices
  • Provide details about the fulfillment options early in the customer journey
  • Deliver a scalable platform to support the number and variety of products sold across a diverse range of product categories
  • Improve day-to-day limitations for the marketing team, including time-consuming editorial updates, reliance on IT teams for content changes, and inability to schedule, personalize or apply workflow to content
  • Combine product search functionality with other content such as how-to guides and support pages

Solution Highlights

EPAM worked with Lowe’s Canada to implement a solution that would:

  • Enhance mobile shopping experiences
  • Activate omnichannel pricing and promotions
  • Enable customer convenience and value 
  • Guarantee high scalability and maximum performance
  • Empower content authors 
  • Optimize search functionality 

The Results

  • Significant increase in mobile revenue
  • Significant increase in sales of inventory in physical stores
  • Significant increase in average online order value
  • Increased website conversion
  • Improved business agility

Technologies Used

  • Sitecore Experience Commerce
  • Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Lucidworks Fusion
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EPAM was instrumental in solving the challenges related to our specific business complexities and needs. They sought to fully understand the problem and would come to the table with viable solutions that could be implemented, always keeping in mind UX, design and performance goals.  Always very detailed and documented, EPAM was fully engaged with making sure the relaunch of was a success and that the eventual hand off back to the business was smooth and seamless. 

John Terrence
Senior Director, Software Engineering, Lowe’s Canada 


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