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Combining Sitecore CommerceConnect + SAP Customer Experience

Combining Sitecore CommerceConnect + SAP Customer Experience

Fast Facts​

  • In today's complex digital market, businesses are constantly combining the strengths of several solutions to create a more powerful engine for innovation
  • As a result, modern digital enterprise platforms are often an integration of different products
  • One such integration success is the Sitecore CommerceConnect + SAP Customer Experience (formerly known as Hybris) Connector by EPAM, a leading digital orchestrator, Sitecore Platinum Partner and SAP Customer Experience Silver Partner

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Benefit & Value

Recently, the connector was upgraded to unlock the power of Sitecore Experience CommerceConnect Core 9 and SAP Customer Experience 6.6 (formerly known as Hybris), giving enterprises a golden opportunity to bootstrap an end-to-end eCommerce solution faster than ever. The connector:

  • Syncs products between SAP Customer Experience and Sitecore 10x faster than the previous version
  • Saves thousands of project hours compared to starting from scratch
  • Gives project teams more time to focus on improving customer experience and increasing revenue

Key Features

The connector comes loaded with the following ready-to-use features on day one:

  • Catalog & Optimized Product Sync
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • Order Management
  • Real-time Price & Inventory
  • User Profiles