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Developing a Smart Greenhouse: EPAM Wins Oracle Prize

To take on the challenges of IoT, EPAM established its Embedded UI Innovations Team as part of the larger EPAM Innovation Laboratory, where specialists work on a range of open source projects, prototypes and developments in emerging technologies

They’d been working on the concept of a “smart greenhouse” for a few months that harnesses IoT for environmental purposes while pushing themselves to work in Java. It’s no surprise that when the team heard Oracle was holding an IoT contest, they were determined to enter their pet project, the smart greenhouse.

Key Challenges

  • Developing functionality for light and water controls, temperature and humidity, management and remote monitoring
  • Automating photography of plant growth
  • Protecting against unforeseen events such as electricity failure or power outage

Solution Highlights

  • To create the greenhouse and ensure it met all of these functionality requirements, the team decided to grow beans to discover and address any project flaws early, and often – saving time and money while developing a better product.The team chose Raspberry Pi as the base, because this credit-card sized computer runs different operating systems and has outputs for sensors. Once the code was completed and the greenhouse was assembled, they set up a time-lapse shoot to capture germination. Then, the team made a Linux distribution of the greenhouse project so anyone could download the software, install the sensors, and make their greenhouse smart.

The Results

The EPAM team was awarded the IoT Developer Challenge winner by Oracle for developing an IoT product that could change the face of greenhouse technology for farmers around the world.


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