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The Connected Customer: Ensuring a Ubiquitous Connection for Liberty Global with the Connect App

Liberty Global turned to its long-standing technology partner EPAM to develop the Connect App, a mobile platform that revolutionized their existing, UK-based app

The new app allows users to easily configure their home modems and boosters, connect to the internet, check data usage, monitor devices in the home and automatically connect to one of the company’s 10 million hotspots, allowing Liberty Global to achieve its goal of making it easy for customers to connect wherever they are whenever they want.

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Key Challenges

  • Liberty Global wanted to re-invent the traditional in-home connectivity experience, which was cumbersome and frustrating to customers. Users could often only troubleshoot connectivity issues via a router interface that used technical language, providing a poor experience.
  • The lack of connection to Liberty Global’s existing cloud service and analytics also limited the company’s ability to optimize customers’ experience.
  • Developing the application was complex as each country’s individual legal requirements grew. 

Solution Highlights

Together, EPAM and Liberty Global worked together to:

  • Develop the Connect App – Liberty Global’s first app that offers customers seamless access to the internet both in and outside of the home
  • Enable consumers to use the same user-friendly interface to connect to their WiFi network at home as they do to connect to one of Liberty Global’s 10 million hotspots when they are on-the-go
  • Leverage one pan-European solution that optimizes delivery and time-to-market across the company’s multiple regional sub-brands
  • Introduce a new agile approach based on regular fixed launch dates that deploys changes faster and more consistently 


The Results

The Connect App is active in the United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland under brands Virgin Media and UPC with no additional costs to users’ existing services. With over three million downloads on both iOS and Android mobile devices, more than 400,000 active users per month can seamlessly access WiFi through the app both in and outside of the home through over 10 million hotspots across Europe.

Technologies used

  • Reference Design Kit (RDK)
  • Spark Kubernetes
  • Mobile Native: iOS, Android
  • Web: AEM, React
  • Cloud-native Microservices: Java, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker
  • E2E testing: performance, security, test automation – including mobile and integration testing 


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