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Creating an Internal Cloud: EPAM Develops a Custom Solution

Many enterprises face the same problem: Rapid expansion that outpaces legacy systems, which become increasingly unable to support the digital experiences customers expect

That’s exactly the issue EPAM needed to solve in order to best serve its own enterprise-level clients.

In 2012, EPAM was running more than 500 concurrent customer projects, using an infrastructure of 3,000 servers in 25 global hosting locations. EPAM knew that revamping infrastructure delivery capabilities would improve cost and time to value for itself and its clients. At the time, there was no product on the market to meet these needs at EPAM’s scale. So EPAM did what it does best: Built a custom cloud-based solution that integrated seamlessly with internal systems.

Key Challenges

  • Time-consuming infrastructure configuration and maintenance
  • Inadequate continuous project delivery facilities
  • Inconsistent visibility into infrastructure utilization and cost
  • Insufficient staff of engineers to meet the explosive demand for cloud-based services
  • Ever increasing complexity with custom requirements in every project

Solution Highlights

  • EPAM's team of experts build a hybrid cloud across multiple private platforms and a public cloud with the following functionality:Autoconfiguration services and automation catalog enables users to create required application stacks based on a combination of predefined settings and reusable artifacts
  • Cloud Support System identifies and fixes most issues quickly and proactively
  • Developers have all necessary tools to establish continuous delivery process that supports Infrastructure as a Code, Continuous Integration and Deployment Automation
  • Developers can automate provisioning of multiple identical environments that could be used for different purposes
  • Real-time data aggregation and monitoring system keeps track of Cloud resources’ usage and cost across all supported cloud providers and all the layers and elements of consumed cloud services
  • Modernized infrastructure offers cost management and control, enabling real-time Cloud cost tracking, self-service quota management, reporting and chargeback to help increase transparency and eliminate wastefulness

The Results

The EPAM Cloud Orchestrator advances best engineering practices, provides transparent public c loud federation, and enables full lifecycle for cloud-based, continuous solution delivery, management, and support. A single pane of glass across all cloud providers enables real-time operational insight, cost management, reporting and alerting, spend management and comprehensive audit.

Thanks to this cloud infrastructure, EPAM is able to provide its customers with everything from architecture, development and testing, to Cloud hosting and application maintenance and support – the essential suite of services for a leading software product development provider.

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