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EPAM Helps Tipico Migrate to the Cloud, Transforming Customer Experience

The accessibility of online gambling has led to surges in mobile traffic and online transactions, creating infrastructure challenges for companies like Tipico

When the company needed to migrate to the cloud and optimize its infrastructure, Tipico asked EPAM for help due to its cloud expertise and long-standing partnership. With a new AWS cloud solution in place, Tipico was able to better manage peak periods of web traffic without interrupting the engaging experience customers expect.

Key Challenges

  • Slow page load time for web and mobile customers, resulting in poor user experience
  • Nonlinear and inflexible hardware usage
  • Inability to scale based on peak periods
  • Delayed time-to-market for software products

Solution Highlights

  • Automate the solution with Terraform and Chef for application configuration
  • Implement an Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC) approach to apply and store changes across development, staging and production systems
  • Deploy a DevOps model to ensure proper version control, code review, testing and branching without any manual changes
  • Host applications through EC2 to serve business logic and end user requests
  • Enable effective routing with Route 53
  • Store static applications data on S3
  • Monitor events across the infrastructure through CloudWatch

The Results

Tipico’s new AWS cloud solution helped the company achieve the following:

  • Faster software development lifecycle, resulting in accelerated time-to-market
  • Access to AWS native services, such as RDS and Lambda
  • Linear and flexible cloud utilization
  • Faster load times allowing for improved customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Increase in speed of placing bets by 25%

Technologies used

  • EC2
  • Route 53
  • S3
  • AWS
  • CloudWatch
  • Lambda


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