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How CoreLogic Used TelescopeAI to Enhance Performance and Productivity

CoreLogic, a leading provider of housing data and analytics, scours through some 4.5 billion records to deliver cutting-edge insights to its client roster, which includes some of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies.

So it’s no surprise that the market-leading company would turn to data to optimize its software delivery projects and better leverage the people who drive those insights. CoreLogic, which has been a client since 2016, engaged EPAM to implement TelescopeAI™, EPAM’s modular tool to help businesses harness their data with the power of artificial intelligence.

CoreLogic manages hundreds of business programs and products, some developed in-house and many others acquired in recent years. The acquisitions brought with them varying approaches to program governance, which became cumbersome. CoreLogic uses more than 20 tools to track, log and capture delivery metrics. To compile even routine reports, company leaders and managers were forced to rely on manually aggregated information shared with static PowerPoint files that quickly became outdated. The data was there, but it wasn’t easily available for the real-time insights CoreLogic wanted.

Visualizing Efficiency 

TelescopeAI converts data into visuals that give managers a quick look at important metrics to measure efficiency. The left image shows that available work is approaching an optimum level, not too little and not too much. On the right, it’s clear that development teams have more time to work on their project as the number of bugs has trended downward.

Work available for about 2 sprint(s) ahead:

Transforming Data into Insights

TelescopeAI is a suite of products that helps large companies get a holistic look at their people, projects and productivity across business units and geographies. By aggregating data from multiple systems and sources into one dashboard, TelescopeAI can deliver the transparency and foresight that people at every level in an organization need to increase efficiency and productivity, respond to challenges and lower costs. Customizable and adaptable, it allows companies to identify trends and visualize problems and solutions across their organization, a true 360-degree view. 

During the first proof of concept (POC) for CoreLogic, EPAM focused on configuring and automating key project performance areas. We were able to automate and consolidate routine metrics, so that they could be consumed directly from TelescopeAI, with a real-time look at downstream data sources. Since this solution solved the majority of program and executive level reporting needs, without significant disruption to established processes, CoreLogic decided to scale the platform to its entire technology project management portfolio.

During the POC we discovered a need for an integration with another code-quality measuring tool: CAST. In response, EPAM developed a custom integration for CoreLogic. Flexibility is built into our process, and we strive for continuous improvement. 

CoreLogic’s reporting needs accelerated with the sudden shift to remote work due to the pandemic. TelescopeAI gave managers much-needed transparency so they could identify the drivers of team performance challenges, improving engineering workflow and productivity overall. 

How TelescopeAI Works

TelescopeAI includes more than 30 modular applications, dozens of connectors and more than 100 configurable widgets. It layers on top of existing systems of record, infrastructure and legacy databases, providing a unified, yet modular, way to understand the complexity of large-scale business functions.

With real-time data visualized in a single view, TelescopeAI allows managers and leaders the flexibility to take a comprehensive look at projects and performance by team, as well as drill down into the underlying metrics with just a few clicks, as needed.

Seeing the Work

In addition to its ability to pull metrics from sources like Jira, GitHub and Sonar, TelescopeAI can also configure custom metrics like the below, allowing EPAM and CoreLogic managers to see how time is divided among workstreams.

How TelescopeAI Works for CoreLogic

EPAM helped implement two modules of TelescopeAI for CoreLogic: Health Monitor and Performance Monitor.

The Health Monitor helps company leaders manage multiple projects simultaneously by curating data into clear visuals that span the life cycle of whatever people are working on.

With this module, managers can:

  • Quickly and clearly get status updates on all projects in terms of scope and timing
  • Mitigate risks and get all the information needed for good decision-making
  • Track milestones across projects and clearly see changes in staffing or productivity as they happen, so resources can be allocated effectively
  • Proactively respond to changing business and IT needs and challenges 

By more easily identifying which projects need support and precisely where they need it, managers and company leaders can use data to drive results.

The Performance Monitor pulls productivity data from sources like Jira, GitHub, Jenkins and Sonar across the software delivery life cycle to answer questions such as:

  • Do we apply an efficient testing strategy?
  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • Are we on track with software delivery? (TelescopeAI can measure more than 150 metrics, including average velocity by sprint, code quality summary, bug growth and average build time.)
  • Is vendor productivity meeting our goals?

Saving Time, Improving Efficiency

EPAM successfully onboarded three large CoreLogic business areas: 1) Find, 2) Buy and 3) Protect, each of which includes numerous business units and programs.

Regardless of which project tracking methodologies those units use (such as Scrum or Kanban), TelescopeAI is able to calculate the metrics for unified reporting.

With clearer visuals, we could more easily improve productivity by identifying ways to be more efficient. EPAM gave voice to the data. TelescopeAI also helped significantly decrease the time needed to configure reports, whether recurring or ad hoc. For example, by moving the Monthly Governance Report entirely to TelescopeAI, we saved up to four days per month for each business unit. 

Harnessing Complexity

With the pace of change constantly accelerating, large organizations have become complex organisms generating huge tranches of data. But without the right tools in place, important data is rendered useless. With TelescopeAI, C-level leaders and senior managers have an easier way to gain a 360-degree view across business units and geographies, allowing for the insights needed to thrive. 

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“EPAM has been a flexible, agile partner, helping CoreLogic make better use of existing data to identify trends in productivity. With these new insights, we are able to more easily and effectively manage projects and people across business units.”

Matthew Kjernes
Executive, Enterprise Technology Architecture, CoreLogic

Monitoring Progress

The Health Monitor helps company leaders manage multiple projects simultaneously with clear visuals for each business area, with the ability to drill down into projects to see the progress of any workstream. Below, the green signifies project areas that are working efficiently, red indicates a challenge that needs to be addressed and blue means those areas need to be watched.


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