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Ensure operational resilience against evolving cybersecurity threats.

You need a digital-native approach to reduce risk and business impact.

This requires security that is as pervasive as the cloud, that matches the rapid pace of agile development, and that ensures regulatory compliance and alignment with business objectives. You need Cybersecurity by Design. 

We view enterprise security holistically, extending our services across proactive defense, actionable intelligence and rapid threat response to engineer a model that works for your business. Our team architects security into every facet of your organization including its people, processes and technology stack with continuous hardening and improvement. Let us guide your security journey with our agile security platform, AI-driven tools for rapid threat responses and ransomware simulations.

Our Cybersecurity Offerings


How EPAM & Genosity Implemented a Next-Gen Security Solution

Cybersecurity Insights

Our experts look holistically across the latest security trends.

How We Work with You

When faced with a cybersecurity incident, you’re assured that EPAM’s incident response experts are ready to assist and restore you back to business as usual both promptly and securely.

Our Capabilities

    • Secure SDLC
    • Continuous Threat Resilience
    • Governance, Risk & Compliance
    • Security Operations Center
    • Managed Red Teams
    • Unified Identity & Access Management 

You can use cybersecurity consulting providers to prove the value of cybersecurity, simplify the security stack, and provide exceptional technical expertise. EPAM was referenced as a notable vendor in Forrester’s Cybersecurity Consulting Services Landscape, Q4 2023 provider overview.

Subscribers can read the report here to understand the value they can expect from a cybersecurity consulting provider. 


EPAM’s Microsoft partnership alliance combines world-class consulting, design and advanced engineering, helping our clients accelerate business value.


IR Readiness in the Cloud



Cloud, Cybersecurity

IR Readiness in the Cloud

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