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Intelligent Automation

You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach to automation. 

A customized, holistic intelligent automation strategy enables you to upskill your employees, increase efficiencies and improve customer experience. As the software engineering expert behind many of the world’s leading intelligent automation platforms, EPAM can build, engineer and optimize solutions to help you achieve your unique business goals.



years of business process management, robotics and cognitive experience


certified developers and machine learning engineers


global locations dedicated to intelligent automation

Customer Solutions

Utilized robotic process automation for a healthcare company’s employee onboarding process and task assignments, reducing manual workload and resulting in 5x faster turnaround time
Leveraged machine learning and computer vision to perform image recognition of in-store shelves to improve product visibility for a consumer products company
Delivered a promotion recommendation engine for a furniture company that increased conversion rates by over 100%
Developed a fraud, waste and abuse prediction model for health insurance claims, resulting in estimated yearly savings of $3M
Automated processing of applicant records for a talent acquisition company, resulting in a decrease of processing time from one hour to 10 minutes
Implemented natural language processing and semantic analysis to evaluate how an automotive company is positioned in the market, delivering real-time alerts and insights on customers

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