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EPAM and AWS: How the Partners Helped Epic Games Revolutionize User Experience for 350+ Million Gamers

As a gaming industry leader, Epic Games is constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of gaming to give users an unprecedented interactive digital experience. By working with EPAM, they were able to just that—EPAM and Epic Games delivered a digital ecosystem that provides the infrastructure and services needed to power games for more than 350 million Fortnite players, revolutionizing the way players and developers create, publish and consume gaming experiences.

Leveraging AWS, EPAM helped Epic Games build a platform with impressive scalability and reliability that can sustain Fortnite’s incredible 100x growth and ensure the company’s—and its customers’—security.

Read the case study to learn how EPAM and AWS helped Epic transform the gaming industry:

  • Shift from a microservices-based architecture to a first-of-its-kind digital platform on AWS
  • Align cloud migration strategy with business objectives and goals
  • Adopt emerging technologies to proactively create a next-generation, immersive user experience

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