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Retail Media Orchestration Toolkit

Helping you build and scale your retail media business. Accelerate your journey to building your own Retail Media Network, or boost your existing solution to increase revenue and reduce operational costs.

Design, build and scale your high-margin media and data monetization business.

Retail media offers a massive opportunity for retailers. Those who are ready for it can successfully ride this “third wave” of digital advertising to open a significant new revenue stream. Capitalizing on this opportunity means facing some steep challenges. Retailers must navigate complex technology to enable their growth, harness data in an effective manner to realize its full value and automate manual processes so they can scale at pace.  

To help retailers of all sizes take advantage of this opportunity, EPAM offers the Retail Media Orchestration Toolkit — a fast, affordable option for simplifying and streamlining retail media data management. The Toolkit, developed on and in collaboration with Google Cloud, is a set of composable cloud accelerators that allows retailers to work more effectively with multiple technology vendors via a single, integrated platform while reducing dependence on third parties and optimizing cost. With the Toolkit, retailers can leverage the scalability and analytical capabilities of native Google Cloud components such as Google Ads and Analytics, Google AI capabilities, and the Google ISV Marketplace, along with tools from a network of retail media software vendors, reducing the need for costly in-house development. 

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largest retailers chose EPAM to design and build their in-house media platforms

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Build Your Own Retail
Media Capabilities

A composable, platform-agnostic solution that you own and control, the Toolkit augments the functionality of existing third-party platforms, integrating input from multiple vendors into one Google Cloud platform deployed within your cloud instance so you can:

Reduce the complexity of managing your multiplatform retail media operation
Gain a unified view of customer touchpoints and return on ad spend (ROAS)
Enhance campaign performance for advertisers, leading to increased demand
Access real-time multitouch insights for targeting, media planning and performance measurement
Create transparency and standardization across retail media measurement
Develop customer insights to inform omnichannel campaign planning
Increase revenue scalability and drive cost efficiencies
Augment your third-party platforms by adding your own composable components while retaining the IP

Solution Overview

Improve Data with Google Cloud Cortex Data Foundation

The Retail Media Orchestration Toolkit is the result of a collaboration between EPAM and Google, which have long partnered to provide transformative solutions. The Toolkit is built upon a powerful, innovative foundation: the Google Cloud Cortex Data Foundation.

Serving as the “brains” of the Toolkit, Cortex is made up of a select set of reference architectures, deployment accelerators and packaged services. Campaign data from each third-party platform is merged into Cortex, resulting in streamlined processes and accelerated outcomes.

Increase Retail Media Revenue & Reduce Costs

The Retail Media Orchestration Toolkit offers retailers a path to achieving greater control, enhanced visibility and more profitable outcomes for retail media operations. Based on our clients’ results, our Toolkit improves revenue production and advertiser demand, increases incremental revenue capacity, and reduces costs.



Integrating a Measurement Module for a Major European Grocer

EPAM developed an integrated measurement module for a retailer’s omnichannel platform build. Now, staff can easily log in, view, optimize and export cross-channel campaign reports, reducing management and generating repeat business. In the first year after rollout, the retailer exceeded forecast revenues by 50% and improved operational efficiency by 30% — and its campaign performance doubled.



Providing a Seamless User Experience Across Multiple Channels 

EPAM was selected to support the building and scaling of a leading global discounter’s retail media network. Building on the Google Cloud platform, EPAM engineered a custom user interface that provides a seamless user experience across multiple channels, banners and geographies. First-year results? Revenues increased by more than 30%.



Engineering an End-to-End, Automated Solution

Already an EPAM client, this large North American general merchandiser requested support in managing its expanding retail media operation. We engineered an end-to-end, automated solution that eliminated labor-intensive manual processes while supporting an omnichannel, multitouch attribution model — enabling easy, accurate reporting from day one of the solution launch.

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White Paper

Building a Retail Media Business – Challenges and Solutions for Retailers


White Paper


Building a Retail Media Business – Challenges and Solutions for Retailers

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