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Passwordless Authentication for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Passwordless Authentication for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

To remain competitive, today’s retailers enhance the customer journey by creating convenient and user-friendly commerce experiences. EPAM, a Salesforce Silver Partner, has created the Passwordless Authentication for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a solution which leverages a web authentication API to enable passwordless authentication utilizing technologies such as Touch ID, Windows Hello, Android Fingerprint, Face ID and more. 

Benefit & Value:

  • Provides an easy and secure way for consumers to shop using an online account without having to memorize login credentials or adhere to strict password requirements 
  • Eliminates the lengthy process of retrieving or creating a new password for consumers who do forget their credentials 
  • Promotes long-term brand loyalty for customers using an online account by leveraging stored data such as contact and payment information for seamless checkout processes
  • Enables retailers to leverage customer data and analytics for personalized marketing 
  • Reduces costs associated with password management for organizations 
  • Improves security by reducing stolen password credentials and phishing attacks 

Download the brochure today to learn how you can reduce risk, increase security and enhance customer experiences with passwordless authentication.