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Sitecore® OrderCloud Migration Accelerator 

Sitecore® OrderCloud Migration Accelerator 

Accelerate and simplify your transition from Sitecore Experience Commerce to OrderCloud with this flexible solution

EPAM’s Sitecore® OrderCloud Migration Accelerator helps you fast-track your commerce project by providing a predefined solution for marketplace provisioning and data migration.

This accelerator is a turnkey solution for organizations that need a SaaS, API-first commerce platform tailored for B2B, B2C, B2B2C and marketplace scenarios. Our accelerator enables you to migrate to OrderCloud rapidly with a prebuilt framework for catalog (including categories, products, variants, specifications and prices), users and orders. The .NET-based solution’s out-of-the-box configuration allows a fast migration from Experience Commerce to OrderCloud. It also enables you to leverage prebuilt data models, integrations and processing to configure and execute data migration. 

Benefit & Value

EPAM’s OrderCloud Migration Accelerator enables you to get to market faster by: 

  • Providing extensible source code so you can tailor your source and destination to your requirements 
  • Migrating commerce entities from Experience Commerce (XC) to OrderCloud 
  • Establishing the initial marketplace with setup for security profiles, clients, buyers and locales 
  • Allowing the team to automate the synchronization of transactional order and user data for seamless cut over