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Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Composable Journey Toward Superior CX

Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Composable Journey Toward Superior CX

Customer expectations are rising fast, with consumers today demanding rapid, easy, hyper-personalized experiences across every channel. To provide these experiences and meet demands, you need a solid technological foundation that enables you to dig deeper, grow and adapt to an ever-changing market.

Composable technology can enable you to do all this and more. However, uprooting legacy systems can feel like a big undertaking, and it can be difficult to know where to start when planning your migration.

EPAM and Sitecore can help you find your way. Our infographic shows five easy ways to jumpstart your composable journey toward superior CX. Then, download our eBook to learn even more information vital to a successful composable migration. 

Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Composable Journey Toward Superior CX

"Customer-obsessed companies increase revenue, profitability, customer retention and employee engagement faster than other firms"1. But building and delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) is difficult because customer expectations and desires are constantly shifting as new trends and technologies emerge.  

To deliver the CX customers expect today, companies need to move away from their monolithic architecture and adopt a composable solution that can rapidly adapt to a constantly changing market.  

What is Composable?

A composable solution is built on packaged business capabilities (PBCs), applications or services developed around a particular business function, 
such as personalization, search or content operations. These can be combined to create an adaptable solution.

Benefits of Composable

Expand business functionality as needed
Plug in new capabilities with ease
Gain full flexibility 
with no vendor lock-in

Five Steps to Help You Begin Your Composable Journey

Start Driving Better CX with Composable Technology

  • 01

Create a roadmap that features a clear digital marketing design and framework and accounts for all workloads and commerce functions to keep everyone aligned.

  • 02

Identify your biggest CX pain points. A composable approach will allow you to incrementally add functionalities to improve CX.

  • 03

Define your key performance indicators (KPIs). Consider what you’re willing to measure and what you can change based on these measurements.

  • 04

Build a business case with input from all stakeholders. Adopting new solutions should be determined by real business needs and balanced with cost, time to market, complexity and resource investment.

  • 05

Keep measuring and adapting. Ensure you revisit your methodologies to see how composable can fit into your framework.

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Ready to Adopt Composable Technology & Build Better Digital Experiences?

Read our eBook to discover the full list of steps you need to take to leverage composable. And to learn more about how EPAM and Sitecore can help you use composable technology to enhance your CX, get in touch with us today.

1. Forrester, The State Of Customer Obsession In Europe, Michelle Beeson, July 12th 2023


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