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Learning-Led Transformation Brochure

Learning-Led Transformation Brochure

Successful transformations are top-down, bottom-up, and sideways. One of the biggest mistakes we see with digital transformation initiatives is poor coordination. To effectively tackle change and get everyone moving in the right direction, you need to lead from the top, upskill developers and motivate them to work differently, and partner with the business to drive change across the organization.

As an IT transformation firm, we know what it takes to reorient an organization through people by attracting, developing, and retaining incredible talent. Clients trust us to enable their organizations with new digital skills because of our engineering DNA, cutting-edge knowledge, passion for learning and industry-recognized, award-winning talent enablement resources.

Download this brochure to explore our IT Executive Education and Digital Readiness learning programs. These learning initiatives help enable transformation by developing new capabilities for IT leaders and setting the foundation for change across the organization.

Our integrated approach blends our practical, on-the-ground software and digital expertise with insights from the fields of instructional design and organizational change management for the following results:

  • Demonstrated growth in knowledge and skills
  • Increased self-efficacy and perceived ability to implement strategic changes
  • Accelerated strategy implementation
  • Improved person-role fit indices
  • Shared language, understanding, and vision for change between IT and the business
  • New expectations and approach to working with vendors and third -parties
  • Increased ability to find, develop, and retain high-quality IT leaders and teams