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It’s the Ecosystem: Why Learning Is the Driver of Business Transformation

A Conversation with EPAM’s Chief Learning Scientist


Chief Learning Scientist, EPAM


Chief Communications Specialist, EPAM Continuum

Our clients are often fascinated by EPAM’s unique learning culture. So much so that in 2018, we brought in Sandra Loughlin, PhD, EPAM’s Chief Learning Scientist, to study how we learn and to help clients import that process into the way they work. As you'll see in the dialogue, Loughlin has done a great job of analyzing EPAM’s approach. Read the interview to understand how learning is essential for organizational adaptivity. If your leadership team is interested in transforming itself, pay attention. As Loughlin says: When leaders “see education as a necessity for growing the business and maintaining relevancy, they will be much more likely to achieve transformation and maintain a competitive advantage.”

Read the original piece here.

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