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Unlocking Revenue Opportunities in the Metaverse for Telcos

Technology evolves in waves of innovation. The next wave of innovation? The metaverse.

EPAM’s report, co-authored with TM Forum, explores the ways in which telcos can unlock new revenue opportunities in the metaverse and understand the roles they might play in its evolution – beyond connectivity.

Read the report to learn:

  • More about the core functionalities of the metaverse
  • The fundamental enabling capability that connectivity plays in its evolution and adoption
  • The value of partnerships and ecosystems within the metaverse
  • The impact and challenges the metaverse may pose to existing networks 
  • How to build business models that can sustain the next wave of metaverse technologies


“Creating an extended reality (XR) solution for customers is a must for any telco hoping to keep up with the competition. By entering the metaverse at full force, you can unleash a cascade of new business.”

Akash is a Principal Consultant in the Telecom, Media and Entertainment practice at EPAM. In his role, Akash is responsible for leading 5G, IoT and Telco innovation projects across the US and Canada.

Recent work includes the product definition of a network AI/ML accelerator in partnership with a European telco provider. In his previous roles, Akash has built the Enterprise Strategy and IoT strategy portfolio for a leading Canadian Communication Services provider. 

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