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Work-From-Home Security Training

Through this complimentary training course, we enable secure remote working practices that help you thrive in today’s market conditions.

New societal and market realities require secure and reliable remote working capabilities, at scale, for businesses everywhere. How you optimize your teams, practices and technology solutions for this new environment is critical.

We Can Help You Implement Long-Term Security Measures & Processes

Our complimentary Work-From-Home Security Training course will enable you to mitigate risks and adapt to new operating models faster. This course helps your employees understand the increased security vulnerabilities associated with working from home, teaches them how to effectively identify threats, and introduces policies and requirements that are specific to remote work environments.

Course Capabilities

By Partnering With EPAM, You Get…

Confidence from Custom Security & GRC Programs

As new security threats emerge and a remote workforce poses increased risk during these uncertain times, our Cyber R&D Lab team performs targeted security assessments, including security assessments of remote work configurations, as part of our specialized offerings customized for our client’s specific business needs. We can also help ensure that you have the proper policies and procedures in place through our governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services.

By Partnering With EPAM, You Get…

Assurance from Next-Gen Learning Solutions

Getting employees up-to-speed on work-from-home best practices when you are already in the midst of a crisis is challenging. We deploy effective learning and development solutions to help you close skills and knowledge gaps in response to these challenges.

By Partnering With EPAM, You Get…

Adaptability from a Remote-Ready Working Model

Our remote working solutions, Remote By Design™, are designed to deliver immediate value in today’s new market conditions that are secure, reliable, collaborative and productive.


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