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Optimizing the Entire Marketing Ecosystem

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AiThority – by Neal Prescott

Optimizing the Entire Marketing Ecosystem

Well before COVID, new marketing technologies were proving to be indispensable tools for marketers. Emerging about twenty years ago, these digital ecosystems were very technology-centric, with the first generation of content management systems only supporting authoring and producing static assets. Commerce engines were simply components and frameworks that implementation teams would choose to match their technology stack and would often roll their own. Since then, digital ecosystems have progressed to become more platform-centric along with cloud capabilities. Monolithic in nature, most of these platforms serve all customer touchpoints and integrate with various backend and third-party systems. In other words, these marketing ecosystems are likely a combination of isolated experience management, commerce and digital marketing technologies joined together through customer touchpoints, functional and data integrations and analytics, with teams endeavoring to make it all behave like a single organism.

With more software platforms than ever for businesses to choose from, the market is primed for modern architecture solutions, particularly MACH —which stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless (MACH). An unconstrained architecture for enterprises, MACH enables a toolkit-based approach that can result in best-of-breed, open-sourced technology ecosystems taking customers to a radically new level of experience that blows them away. When harnessing the power of the cloud and headless technologies, companies can innovate and bring more exciting digital customer experiences to life faster. From a marketing standpoint, MACH is a natural next step in the evolution of digital technology, taking it full circle from technology-centric to platform-centric and back to technology-centric—but on a whole new level.

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