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Rethinking Software Development: How Open Source Is Defining a New Era for Energy and Utilities

Power Magazine – by Chris Howard

They say that if you put good out into the world, it will come back to you. That might not be an idea people normally associate with the software development industry, but that idea more or less perfectly describes the open-source community. For that, and many other reasons, open source is something that many providers not only embrace, but also include as part of their business model.

As opposed to proprietary software, open-source code allows for transparency in its development or origins, built on the belief that better software and stronger communities are only possible when technology is accessible to everyone. To realize this vision, many businesses endeavor to build the digital future by investing their time and resources into open-source projects, including XEN, FINOS, DRUPAL, APACHE, and OSDU.

One such industry, where external enterprises often help drive business architecture by deploying open-source software and technology, is energy and utilities—an ever-evolving and volatile sector. Although typically reluctant to move away from their legacy systems and processes due to a lack of organizational capability and uncertainty in platform standardization, the leveraging of new technologies like automation and optimization helped many energy providers transform their outdated business practices.

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