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Top 5 Tips to Improve API Security

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Biz Report – by Kristina Knight

Top 5 Tips to Improve API Security

While API bugs can certainly bog down a system and be exploited by fraudsters, these 'bugs' aren't the biggest obstacle to digital security. According to one expert, attackers bypassing apps by impersonating traffic and making transactions appear legitimate is the bigger threat. Here's how to defend against such attacks.

First, collaborate during the ideation and design stage

"Often, software is difficult to secure because it wasn't originally designed with security or "defensive thinking" in mind. It's almost impossible to secure a system properly after the design as you are, at best, limited to a moat-and-castle type of model - which is extremely limited and barely adaptable. During the ideation and design stage of development, inject your design team with a few security experts and you will see a huge difference," said Sam Rehman, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer, EPAM Systems, Inc.

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