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5 Types of Shoppers and What They Want for the Holidays

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ECT News – by Daniel Smythe

5 Types of Shoppers and What They Want for the Holidays

Retailers: How many shoppers do you need to worry about this holiday season? The answer, it turns out, is five. Well, sort of.

In an 18-month global study of buying behavior, EPAM Continuum discerned a critical pattern that today’s consumers fall into five broad categories of shoppers: the investigative consumer, the frivolous spender, the experience-driven buyer, the fluctuant shopper, and the conscious consumer.

To help organizations put these insights to work and optimize marketing efforts, retailers may want to focus on how to apply this pattern during the 2022 holiday season profitably.

Retailers must understand the buyers they’ll be meeting in the store, online, and over the phone. Each group knows what they want and is not shy about saying when sellers do not meet those expectations. So, let’s get ready for the rush.

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