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The Need for Speed: Becoming Agile and Flexible in the Post-Pandemic World

Recruiting Daily – by Albert Rees

Becoming Agile and Flexible

The ‘new normal’ was a phrase thrown around quite a bit in the early days of the pandemic, always accompanied by the sentiment that eventually, we would largely return to the old ways of doing things. However, the return to the old ways seems highly unlikely, as many of the trends and behaviors of the lockdown era have stuck, including hybrid workforces, the dominance of the service economy and the reconfiguration of supply chains. This is where being agile and flexible comes into play.

Seeing the advantages of these ‘temporary’ movements, many enterprises flourished while others crumbled. Although hundreds of factors contributed to the success or failure of different organizations, one indisputable reality was that companies had to adopt a flexible business model capable of adapting to sudden and sometimes unforeseen and unanticipated changes.

Three areas in which organizations must build greater agility are new markets, emerging technologies and organizational structure. If implemented today, these three overarching pivots will mitigate risk and ensure a successful operating model moving forward into the post-pandemic world.

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