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Gaming the System: How Remote Workers Can Learn from the Success and Longevity of MMOs

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Recruiting Daily – by Jonathan Lupo

Gaming the System: How Remote Workers Can Learn from the Success and Longevity of MMOs

Since transitioning to hybrid and remote work models, businesses have failed to conjure the same sense of community demonstrated in the virtue vigil to the master mangaka. MMO players have been interacting online for nearly two decades, building enormous and lasting communities. These communities are the soul of the internet, going back as far as the early days of chat rooms and forums. Remote workers can glean from these communities.

Kentaro Miura, acclaimed manga author and creator of the highly influential, epic dark fantasy series Berserk, died on May 6, 2021, because of an acute aortic dissection. Fans consider his magnum opus, Berserk, which began serialization in 1989, unmatched in storytelling and artistry.

Following Miura’s passing, players in the Square Enix MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Final Fantasy 14 paid tribute in a virtual vigil. Across the online world of Final Fantasy 14, players lined the streets of large cities, and in the largest one, Ul’dah, there were so many that the MMO struggled to load properly. While tragic, this grassroots event was something truly genuine and unique.

Today, the formats and business models that characterized web 2.0 are starting to feel a little dated. Video conferences are more likely to serve as status updates rather than chances for brainstorming or honest opportunities for camaraderie. With people starved for social interactions, digital work communities need to connect teams in meaningful ways by leveraging the same tactics and strategies deployed by MMO players. Moreover, businesses can utilize gaming mechanics to promote teamwork, cultivate wellness and ensure employee retention.

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