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Tech Companies Continue to Embrace Remote Work

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LA Business Journal – by Destiny Torres

Tech Companies Continue to Embrace Remote Work

Even as Covid cases in Los Angeles dwindle, working from home continues to prove to be successful for many technology companies. Whether this new workplace culture is studied before, during or after the pandemic, one thing is for certain – remote work is here to stay.

Nicholas Bloom, an economics professor at Stanford, has been studying remote work since 2004, years before the pandemic pushed companies to resort to and embrace virtual workspaces. Prior to the pandemic, 5% of full days were worked from home, and last month, that number had spiked to 30%.

Larry Solomon, senior vice president and chief people officer at EPAM, said, “I think we pivoted fairly quickly and fairly decisively once Covid started. But even before that, we’ve always maintained quite a flexible model here; flexibility in where and how people work is one of the most important things that we can offer to our people.”

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