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EPAM Named a Top 10 Engineering Services Provider and Top 5 Fastest Growing Engineering Services Provider in 2022 by Everest Group

Everest Group

Everest Group released the fourth annual edition of the Everest Group Engineering Services Top 50™, a ranking of the world’s largest third-party providers of engineering services (ES). The ranking is based on revenues and year-on-year growth.

“Engineering services outsourcing bounced back strongly in 2021,” said Akshat Vaid, vice president at Everest Group. “This can largely be attributed to an amalgamation of multiple factors, including a continued push towards digital engineering; revival of certain industry verticals, such as aerospace/defense and automotive; and investments into themes such as platform engineering, 5G, sustainability, metaverse, and COVID-led initiatives to optimize manufacturing operations with technology, among others. From the service provider perspective, the growth in ES outsourcing has added more fuel to the war for skilled, deployable talent with deep domain understanding, resulting in unmanageable attrition and increased talent costs. Service providers also continued to scale capabilities and delivery footprint through M&A endeavors, with more than half of the companies featured in the Top 50 list engaging in M&A.”

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