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Unified and Composable Commerce Solves Challenges of Customer Journey for Today’s Retailers

Retail Technology Insider – by Martin Ryan

Composable Commerce is a technical design approach that unifies channels (web, App, marketplace, store, customer service, etc.), master data (product information, customer data, store locations, etc.), and systems of record (finance, inventory, etc.) such that customer experience is consistent during every journey they take with a retailer across multiple interactions in diverse channels.

Composable commerce enables each channel to present an experience that is both highly tailored to the demands and specifics of each channel while being consistent with the overall brand vision of the retailer.

The composable commerce approach requires that any individual function supported by technology (e.g., calculating a cart total or adding a product to a wish list) is made available through a single application programming interface (API) and that all channels requiring this function use this same interface to execute this function. Since every channel uses the same data and function, there is no duplication in the retailer’s commerce technology.

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