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5 Ways to Build
a Learning Culture

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HR Daily Advisor – by Sandra Loughlin

5 Ways to Build a Learning Culture

Retaining employees should be at the top of any company’s priority list. Nevertheless, sustaining good talent has become much more difficult today, exemplified by trends like the Great Resignation. Modern workers crave meaning in their jobs, so many leave for better opportunities. In fact, research from LinkedIn shows that 94% of employees will stay longer at a company if they feel its leadership has invested in their growth.

Simultaneously, technology, society and culture continue to evolve rapidly, and many established companies across various industries are getting left behind. Businesses need to invest in their people, focusing on upskilling and reskilling to stay competitive – especially in industries where automation is prevalent. In particular, by promoting a learning culture, brands can establish a workforce capable of adapting to change, fostering new skills and bouncing back from failure. 

What is a Learning Culture? What are its Benefits?

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