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Decarbonize Software 2023 – Redefining the Future of Software

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Decarbonize Software 2023 – Redefining the Future of Software

On the foothills of COP28, we hosted Decarbonize Software on November 16, a global virtual event that united software sustainability leaders and advocates across the technology, ICT, and energy sectors.

The event celebrated progress in green software and provided a forum to showcase community-driven initiatives to decarbonize software. Given the increasing role of software in contemporary life, discussions centered on what engineers, developers, designers, and solution architects can do to enhance energy efficiency and reduce resource consumption.

Here, we revisit the announcements, stories, and insights shared at Decarb.

Entry tools and resources to green software

Chris Howard, Head of the Open Source Program Office at EPAM, shared insights on how EPAM is integrating sustainability practices into its software engineering processes. The challenges he outlined, such as dealing with infrastructure, historical architecture, governance, legislation, and shifting requirements that often make staying within time and budget a real issue reflected the complexities many software engineers often face when attempting to develop sustainable software. His use case demonstrated how organizations can advance in supporting clients to develop greener, more sustainable software aligned with environmental targets despite these challenges.

EPAM has taken essential steps towards integrating Green Software Practitioners (GSP) into their learning platforms, forming a working group to review and adapt GSF practices, and aligning these practices with existing delivery processes. These initiatives have presented a clear path for companies to be proactive in their approach to green software. They have also reinforced the collective belief within their company that software development must fully integrate sustainability.

Furthermore, Chris emphasized the value of the GSP course, noting that clients have become far more engaged in understanding the level of engineers who have completed the GSP training. Highlighting a growing revenue stream attached to green software, aligning with broader industry trends.

In addition, Chris emphasized the importance of creating a safe space for diverse roles to contribute ideas and perspectives throughout the project lifecycle, emphasizing the need to bring everyone to the table to shape sustainable solutions and avoid late-stage roadblocks.

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