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How Artificial Intelligence is Making Organizations More Adaptive

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Times of India – by Srinivas Reddy

How Artificial Intelligence is Making Organizations More Adaptive

Adaptive enterprises quickly alter practices, processes and strategies efficiently in response to change drivers of a highly dynamic environment, almost in real-time. The ability to ‘change’ at the ‘right speed’ is the fundamental characteristic of an adaptive enterprise. However, being adaptive is more than acquiring capabilities and speed. It requires a strategic perspective.

Being an Adaptive Enterprise

An adaptive enterprise must strategically embed four critical components in its approach:

  • Agility as an integral part of innovating
  • Flexibility in decision-making
  • Robustness as the pillar of the organizational systems 
  • Efficiency as a goal driving organizational behavior 

These four key components of an adaptive enterprise are interdependent. For instance, organizational architecture and leadership vision supporting flexibility aid the agility of an enterprise. Similarly, the robustness of internal systems is necessary to facilitate a company’s agile approach and flexible conduct. A combination of flexibility, agility and robustness leads to efficiency. There could be several other permutations and combinations of the four components of an adaptive enterprise. 

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