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How Retailers Can Capitalize on the 5 Types of Shoppers

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Total Retail – by Dan Smythe and Cameron Davis

How Retailers Can Capitalize on the 5 Types of Shoppers

No two customers are the same, yet they share many of the same goals and behaviors. An insightful, 18-month-long study of critical purchasing patterns discovered that shoppers fall into five categories: the investigative consumer, the frivolous spender, the experience-driven buyer, the fluctuant shopper and the conscious consumer.

1. Investigative Consumers

Often referred to as the thoughtful bargain shopper, these people see their purchases as investments and will research accordingly to find the best discounts and quality. This shopper type is the most prevalent — especially today with inflation and economic uncertainty.

They also want to conduct research online before making a purchase. There should be plenty of detailed product information on your website for them to read, such as ratings, reviews, competitive pricing, etc.

Likewise, equip your employees (particularly contact center agents) with all the data they need to satisfy these inquisitive buyers. Monitor competitors and market changes closely and assign a team to resolve customer issues to reduce negative reviews.

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