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How to Grow an Engineering Team
that Thrives

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BuiltIn NYC – by Tyler Holmes

How to Grow an Engineering Team that Thrives

Much like a garden, team culture does not blossom overnight.

Growth requires intentional planning and nourishment, with best practices and values sown like seeds plotted in fresh earth. Over time, as roots begin to form and provide teams with a strong foundation, culture flourishes through alignment and belief in a common mission.

EPAM Systems’ Senior Director of Delivery Management Alena Sletten recommends that engineering leaders embrace mistakes and hone their resilience to keep moving forward. Read on to hear how you can grow your own team of successful engineers.

How would you describe your engineering team culture? And what does that look like in action?

As a team, we do our best every day to deliver innovative, quality solutions for our customers’ projects. Not only do we have project goals to achieve, but we also have professional stretch goals to grow our skills and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone to learn new modern technologies and exceed expectations. As a team, we support one another, share knowledge and provide help when needed. We all have different skills and diverse perspectives. Our unique experiences and knowledge help us become good peer mentors and role models. 

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