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WANTED: Hardware & Software Specialists

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STEM Workforce Diversity – by Katie McKy

WANTED: Hardware & Software Specialists

Every sector, from agriculture to manufacturing to aviation, runs on software and hardware.

So, the people who work in the hardware and software sectors keep the world running, which is why across industries, and in the public and private sectors, all types of diverse STEM professionals specializing in hardware and software are wanted more than ever now.

Here are several of them, who discuss their careers, why careers in hardware and software are the way to go for STEM and tech specialists, and how you can join them.

Jamell Evans is the head of UX and director of experience design at EPAM Systems, Inc. “I’m focused on leading the customer experience, client engagement and alignment, and incorporating a level of structure within our projects to ensure proper and efficient delivery,” he notes.

One of more than 60,000 EPAM employees in 50-plus countries, Evans hires professionals with a passion for their profession. “It also helps to have the ability to innovate, have a customer-focused mindset, and be naturally proactive,” he adds. The ability to innovate has turned EPAM into a powerhouse. “What I love about my company centers on how our work has evolved over the years,” elaborates Evans.

“As we’ve carried out increasingly complicated work, the company has rightfully matured into an enterprise-level, solution-generated powerhouse in the industry. I always feel proud to be a part of that.”

If you, too, want to be part of EPAM’s growth, then Evans has powerful advice: “Realize that you’re constantly surrounded by good and bad user experiences (UX). Every manufactured tangible item you see has an experience you can assess. When you start to think about it, you will see that most people are already UX practitioners.”

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