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8 Companies with the Best Diversity and Inclusion Programs

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Built in – by Rose Velazquez

8 Companies with the Best Diversity and Inclusion Programs

These companies’ diversity and inclusion programs are focused on creating an environment where all employees feel valued.

Employers that take a proactive approach to diversity and inclusion aim to create a work environment where people of varying backgrounds and identities are valued. They actively seek out job applicants from underrepresented groups and establish initiatives that give all employees a fair shot at career advancement. We’ve put together an overview of some companies with the best diversity and inclusion programs, ranging from leadership development and mentorship to training programs that combat biases in the workplace.

EPAM Systems

EPAM Systems offers software engineering and digital transformation services for clients in spaces like financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and consumer services. The company, which employs nearly 55,000 team members, seeks to prioritize DEI throughout its culture and policies. Its in-house, executive-sponsored initiatives include a variety of employee resource groups to support and build community among team members in addition to company-wide celebrations and gatherings for events like Black History Month and International Women’s Day.

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