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Solving Hong Kong’s Plastic Waste Problem One Bottle At A Time

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Solving Hong Kong’s Plastic Waste Problem One Bottle At A Time

Recycling, specifically plastic waste, is a huge issue in Hong Kong. Drink Without Waste, an initiative led by the Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group, enlisted EPAM as a consulting partner to help them with the first of many initiatives, a data room to consolidate recycling information and provide visibility around the volume of waste collected.

Using Excel spreadsheets to monitor the recovery of used beverage packaging wasn’t efficient. Utilizing AWS cloud, EPAM created a data room to ease manual effort, improve transparency for auditing purposes while also providing a scalable solution for the future.

Here is what Paul Zimmerman, General Manager of Drink Without Waste, had to say about working with EPAM.

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香港廢物回收是一個重大問題,尤其是塑膠廢物回收。免「廢」暢飲是即棄飲品包裝工作小組領導的倡議。他們邀請 EPAM 作為諮詢夥伴,協助他們完成首個項目,透過數據室整合回收資訊並提供有關廢物收集量的可見性。

利用試算表來監控飲品包裝回收的效率偏低,EPAM 利用 AWS 雲端平台創建數據室,簡化人工程序、提高透明度方便審計、亦為未來提供可擴展的解決方案。

以下是免「廢」暢飲總經理 司馬文 對於 與 EPAM 合作的看法。

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