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EPAM Joins Drink Without Waste Initiative to Help Combat Hong Kong’s Plastic Pollution Crisis

Press Release

EPAM Joins Drink Without Waste Initiative to Help Combat Hong Kong’s Plastic Pollution Crisis

As a technical advisor, the company helped quantify the volume of waste generated from beverage containers by creating a data room to consolidate data

NEWTOWN, PA, USA, March 16, 2023 – Hong Kong disposes of more than 2,300 tons of plastic waste a day, and with a low recycling rate of 11%, most of it goes into landfills, according to government figures.[1] EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, today announced its technical advisory role with Drink Without Waste, an initiative led by the Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group, to develop and facilitate strategies and actions that significantly reduce waste from beverage consumption arriving in landfills and polluting the environment. The first initiative was creating a Data Room to consolidate recycling data and provide visibility around the volume of waste collected.

“Protecting the environment and creating innovative conservation solutions is at the core of our ESG mission, which is why it was a natural fit for us to partner with Drink Without Waste and help them reduce litter from single-use plastic bottles in the APAC region,” said Darren Lee Starsmore, SVP, Head of EPAM APAC. “The Data Room we created is a foundational and fully scalable component in supporting a much larger recycling theme in Hong Kong. We’re looking forward to seeing great things happen as a result.”

A significant pain point for the non-profit organization was monitoring the recovery of used beverage packaging through the program using Excel spreadsheets. The new Data Room—hosted on AWS cloud—consolidates the data, reduces manual effort, and provides a scalable solution for future projects. Designed to provide transparency and improve the collection and auditing process that comes from collectors, recyclers, logistic providers and supportive campaign partners, the data room is equipped with automated reminder emails, a dashboard for the public and Power BI reporting for internal stakeholders. In addition, it also calculates the subsidy amount that needs to be given to collectors and recyclers.

“We are pleased to be working with EPAM to combat the plastic crisis in Hong Kong,” said Paul Zimmerman, General Manager, Drink Without Waste. “Visibility of data streams is key to expeditious implementation of a Producer Responsibility Scheme for beverage containers in Hong Kong. The Data Room is the core module that will support future developments in recording and reporting requirements and is key to building much-needed trust in recycling systems in Hong Kong.”

Named a 2022 Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Company, EPAM’s detailed planning represents an interconnected effort to lead its employees and industry partners to a new standard of environmental responsibility. Examples of its innovative conservation solutions include Image n Pay digital payments, the Footprint plastic bag problem and Trashly, named a Best Environmental Mobile App by Google.

Learn more about the Drink Without Waste project in an interview with Paul Zimmerman

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[1] Solum, A. (2022, April 18). Hong Kong zero-COVID policies create mountains of plastic waste. Reuters. Retrieved January 25, 2023, from

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EPAM 加入免「廢」暢飲協助應對香港塑膠污染危機


美國賓夕法尼亞州紐敦市,2023 年 3 月 16 日—— 根據政府統計,香港每天處理超過2,300 噸塑膠廢物,當中大部分棄置在垃圾堆填區,回收率只要 11%。頂尖的數碼轉型服務和產品工程公司 EPAM Systems, Inc.(紐約證券交易所代碼:EPAM)今天宣佈擔任 免「廢」暢飲 的技術顧問。免「廢」暢飲 是即棄飲品包裝工作小組領導的倡議,旨在制訂和促進行動及策略,減少即棄飲品包裝棄置堆填區並污染環境。 首個項目是創立數據室,整合回收數據並提供廢物收集量的可見性。

“保護環境和創造創新的環保解決方案是我們 ESG 的核心使命,這就是為什麼我們很自然地與免「廢」暢飲合作並幫助他們減少亞太地區即棄膠樽, ”EPAM 亞太區負責人高級副總裁 Darren Lee Starsmore 說。 “我們創建的數據室是個基礎且完全可擴展的組件,能支援香港更大型回收活動。 我們期待看到偉大的事情發生。”

該非牟利機構的一個重大痛點是使用試算表監控計劃內即棄飲品包裝的回收情況。 託管在 AWS 上的數據室整合數據,減少了人手工作,並為未來的項目提供了可擴展的解決方案。 數據室旨在提供透明度並改善來自收集者、回收商、物流提供商和伙伴拍檔的收集和審計流程,配備了自動提示電子郵件、面向公眾的展示板和內部持份者的 Power BI 報告。 此外,它亦計算了補貼收集者及回收商的金額。

免「廢」暢飲總經理 司馬文 表示:“我們很高興與 EPAM 合作應對香港的塑膠危機。數據流的可見性是在香港迅速實行飲料容器生產者責任計劃的關鍵。 數據室是在未來支援記錄和報告要求發展的核心單元,也是在香港建立對回收系統急需的信任的關鍵。”

EPAM被評為 2022 年《巴倫周刊》最具可持續性的 100 家公司,其詳細規劃代表了相互關聯的努力,旨在引導其員工和行業合作夥伴達到新的環境責任標準。 其創新保護解決方案的例子包括 Image n Pay電子支付、碳足跡膠袋問題和被Google評為最佳環保流動應用程式–Trashly

在 司馬文 的採訪中了解更多關於免「廢」暢飲

了解更多 EPAM 的企業責任措施,請瀏覽

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自 1993 年以來,EPAM Systems, Inc.(紐約證券交易所代碼:EPAM)利用其先進的軟件工程傳統成為全球最重要的數字化轉型服務提供商 — 在數字和實體產品開發以及數字平台工程服務方面處於行業領先地位。 通過其創新戰略; 集成諮詢、顧問和設計能力; 和獨特的“'Engineering DNA”,EPAM 在全球部署的混合團隊通過為連接人們、優化體驗和改善人們生活的更好的企業、教育和健康平台提供動力,幫助實現世界各地客戶和社區的未來。 2021年,EPAM入選標準普爾500指數,併入選福布斯全球2000強企業榜單。

EPAM 的全球多學科團隊被Newsweek選為 2021 年和 2022 年最受歡迎的工作場所,為六大洲 50 多個國家/地區的客戶提供服務。 作為公認的領導者,EPAM 名列財富 1000 強信息技術服務公司前 15 名,並在財富 100 家發展最快的公司名單中四次名列領先的 IT 服務公司。 EPAM 還連續三年被 Ad Age 評為全球最大的 25 家代理公司,Consulting Magazine 將 EPAM Continuum 評為增長最快的 20 家公司。

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