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Apple’s Vision Pro Isn’t Just a Headset; It Heralds a New Era of Spatial Commerce

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The Drum – by Ward de Kruiff

Apple’s Vision Pro Isn’t Just a Headset; It Heralds a New Era of Spatial Commerce

Ward de Kruiff of EPAM Continuum warns against ignoring the revolutionary potential of a new generation of mixed reality tech, which he says has created a whole new shopping paradigm.

Few sectors have incorporated advanced technology into their consumer experience as seamlessly as the fashion and luxury industries. Mixed-reality (MR) technologies are now poised to take the industry by storm, with Apple’s Vision Pro widely touted as a crucial mainstream market test for MR headsets.

A New User Experience Paradigm

While not the first attempt at integrating mixed reality into the shopping experience, the launch of the Vision Pro marked a pivotal moment, with the release of over 600 apps curated to create a new brand environment for shoppers.

Brands such as J. Crew, Mytheresa, Elf Cosmetics, Alo, and sportswear retailer Decathlon have all developed new shopping experiences for customers within the Vision Pro, revolutionizing the customer experience and adding a new commercial engagement channel for the retail market: spatial commerce.

As my colleague Robin Moser, AR/VR consultant at EPAM Continuum says, the Vision Pro is “the first version of an entirely new product category: spatial computing”. This technology has the potential to not only generate new revenue streams but also reduce costs and increase productivity for businesses. The challenge now lies in brands understanding and capitalizing on this transformative technology.

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