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The Role of Accelerators in the MACH World

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MACH Alliance – by Katarzyna Banasik

The Role of Accelerators in the MACH World

What are accelerators?

Leveraging best-of-breed platforms and the MACH architecture offers numerous advantages, including accelerated time-to-value, enhanced customer experience, and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies.

However, with the increased flexibility and modularity of software architecture, complexities have arisen. MACH Architecture introduces several challenges. Firstly, ensuring data integrity and functional cohesion becomes more intricate as data is distributed across various platforms. Similarly, crafting digital experiences that seamlessly integrate data and features from multiple sources poses additional complexities.

Initially, every MACH commerce platform necessitated a ground-up implementation, prompting questions about tool selection and integration to preserve data integrity. In the early stages, there was no established blueprint, guidelines, or documentation for developers to assemble this architecture, requiring Software Integrators (SIs) to undertake custom development for each implementation, covering both front-end and user UI.

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