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Digital Trends that Drive Composable Commerce – Part 2

Digital Trends that Drive Composable Commerce – Part 2

As thought leaders and innovators in the MACH space, EPAM, Acquia and commercetools sat down for a panel discussion about composable commerce. The talk highlighted key considerations for implementing composable commerce as well as how to operationally manage it. 

Listen to commercetools’ VP of Product & Customer Marketing, Michael Scholz, explain what companies are looking for in composable commerce solutions, where to start on a composable journey and more.

Here are the questions he’s addressing: 

  • Are companies looking for composable commerce solutions that offer the speed and nimbleness that can support scalability and growth?  
  • Where do you start on your composable commerce journey?
  • What are some examples of composable commerce being done well?
  • How does commercetools help make composable commerce a reality and how is it different than other providers?
  • What lessons have been learned from the disruption over the last couple of years, and what strategies have worked well for brands?
  • What strategies and commerce technologies allow organizations to innovate?

Watch the first part of this series to learn what our Director of Digital Engagement, Brian Gilmore, had to say about staying agile and adaptable with composable commerce.


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