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Telecom’s Tomorrow: Cultivating Innovation in Connectivity

Telecom’s Tomorrow: Cultivating Innovation in Connectivity

As a part of our exclusive interview series “A Turning Point for Telecom: Strategic Insights for a New Era,” EPAM’s Faisal Ishaq, Director, Account Management, delves into the pivotal role innovation plays in shaping the future of connectivity. Leveraging valuable industry insights, we dissect the key challenges and opportunities in telecom and shed light on strategic ways to embrace innovation in an industry that is as dynamic as it is demanding.  

Seeking answers to ongoing market challenges, these short interviews tackle the following questions: 

  • How can telcos foster a culture of innovation?
  • How should telcos navigate the current and future demands of innovation?
  • How can telcos approach experimentation and failure to improve and innovate?
  • What should the telecom industry focus on right now?
  • How should telcos manage products that do not meet performance or profitability expectations?

To continue exploring the emerging technologies and shifting market dynamics that are shaping the future of telcos, dive into EPAM's insightful interview series “A Turning Point for Telecom.” Here, industry experts Alix Burge and Faisal Ishaq offer in-depth perspectives on AI, IoT, the journey from 5G to 6G, strategic diversification, navigating new regulations, sustainability and changing consumer behaviors that are pivotal to returning telecom to profitability.


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