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How Data and AI Are Driving Retail Growth and Profitability

In the face of global disruptions, retail businesses are navigating towards sustainable growth. Our white paper, "How Data and AI Are Driving Retail Growth and Profitability," provides a broader perspective on how to strategically leverage AI and data. It explores how these technologies can help transformation, from enhancing customer experiences to optimizing supply chains, offering insights into creating comprehensive data-focused strategies in your retail organization.

Key Takeaways

In this white paper, you'll learn about how AI and data can make a retail business more resilient while facilitating growth and efficiency. The topics covered include:

Building a Data Foundation

Retailers will only realize the full potential of AI when they can build data models that connect the entire business value chain: sourcing and buying goods, moving them and selling them. By taking a holistic approach to building a data foundation, drawing company data together with select information from partners and suppliers to create a united data set that covers all of operations, businesses can effectively innovate with AI.

Agility and Efficiency

Carefully implementing AI and ML solutions can lead to efficiencies across all main drivers of business value, from personnel and procurement to customer acquisition and pricing, leading to meaningful and compounding optimization throughout the business. 

Cost Reduction

Utilizing AI to analyze data can result in cost savings throughout the organization, enabling to retailers to rapidly act on inefficiencies and identify areas of potential improvement. AI solutions can also be used to help facilitate better customer experiences, resulting in higher satisfaction and lower returns, among other possibilities.

Revenue Growth

The potential for AI to grow revenue is enormous, with potential applications in nearly every aspect of the business. Dynamic pricing, AI-driven personalization and massive retail media optimization are just the beginning but already show huge promise for retailers.

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“Critical success factors for implementing data and AI in retail include a clear strategy aligned with business objectives, robust data infrastructure, talent with expertise in data science and AI, and a culture that fosters innovation and experimentation. Businesses should avoid common mistakes such as neglecting data quality, overlooking ethical considerations, and underestimating the importance of change management.”

  • Vikalp Yadav
    Senior Director, Global Head of Trading


“For retail businesses, integrating AI is a matter of surviving vs. competing, winning or leading. Companies need to adopt AI with light-speed (so what is proven and available out-of-the-box) and focus on a few game-changing and differentiating areas where they develop and integrate their own AI engines in their value chain.” 

Eduard Spitz

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Dive into our whitepaper today and discover how data and AI can equip your business to adapt and flourish in our changing global landscape.


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