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The Pandemic Paradigm Shift: Building a Future-Proof Contact Center

The Pandemic Paradigm Shift: Building a Future-Proof Contact Center

Although the modern contact center of today has come a long way, it now needs to evolve at a rapid pace unlike anything before due to prevailing market conditions influenced by COVID-19. At the start of the pandemic, businesses had to shut down core and essential functions in accordance with health and safety regulations. Combined with an increased volume in customers seeking help, contact center inefficiencies were soon exposed and so overwhelmed at times that they collapsed the support infrastructure of the business.

A year and half later with even greater consumer demand, contact centers have shifted from being inundated with customer calls and emails regarding product and service delays to not having enough staff to support these requests. Businesses are struggling to bring back the workforce they lost at the height of the pandemic. These pressures are driving companies to develop resilient systems and functions to cope with extreme demand fluctuations.

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