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Ansell Gains a Competitive Edge with a Take-Anywhere, Offline Sales Application

Case Study
  • Retail & Consumer

Ansell, a 100-year-old global manufacturing company that specializes in the production of healthcare safety, industrial, and consumer products, engaged EPAM to develop a highly sophisticated application for its sales team to generate product orders onsite and gather data for its patented algorithm that measures customer satisfaction.

Following the client's specifications and timeline, EPAM developed Ansell Guardian® Mobile, a take-anywhere application that enhances on-the-spot selling ability and allow salespeople to store and calculate info locally via their mobile device.

Key Challenges

  • Developing a cross-platform, Xamarin-based application for use across the client's entire organization
  • Replicating Ansell's complex data model for mobile and offline use cases
  • Creating a solution that eliminates order inaccuracies and wasted time by calculating the most efficient product order at a customer's jobsite
  • Automatically syncing newly collected data with Ansell's systems once the application goes back online

Solution Highlights

The application features the following functionality to help salespeople survey and optimize product orders for Ansell clients:

  • Ability to be implemented within a single department/facility, system-wide, or globally
  • Support of five key functional business areas
  • Multiple models for multiple verticals
  • Fields to input key data the algorithm to consider these factors in its calculations
  • Algorithm visualizations to highlight best products for each client and each application
  • Built-in drag-and-drop functionality within a beautifully branded, intuitive user interface (UI)

The Results

With Ansell Guardian® Mobile, the company’s salespeople can finally make the most out of the limited time – sometimes 10 minutes or less – they have onsite to survey a client. As a result, Ansell clients are treated to the most cost-effective, optimized solutions for all of their protective needs across multiple models and industries.

Technologies Used

  • Xamarin
  • MVVM Cross
  • SQLite
  • Modern HttpClient
  • AutoMapper
  • Microsoft Intune
  • EPAM In-House App Store

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